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Lyle and Scott


Founded in 1874 in Scotland, Lyle and Scott is steeped in history, tradition and quality. With its iconic eagle logo, this heritage lifestyle brand is modern and timeless. It is most known for its knitwear. This is unsurprising, given that the brand was born in Hawick, a Scottish town known for its knitting expertise. Indeed, Pringle of Scotland and Hawick knitwear also both originated from the very same town.

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Despite the age of the company, Lyle and Scott only became majorly well known in the 1970s when Ronnie Corbett (of the two Ronnie‘s) started regularly wearing the brand on television. This was the point where the infamous golden eagle logo came into the public eye. Since the brand launched its heritage and vintage collections in the early noughties, it has been worn by numerous big names in the music industry, such as Pete Doherty and the Artic Monkeys. This is no doubt the reason it has become associated with edgy, creative youths in recent years.

Classic Knits, Polo shirts and shirts are at the core of Lyle and Scott, however they also offer a great range of jackets, hats scarves and more. The brand consists of the Vintage, Heritage, Club and Golf collections, so the range of Lyle and Scott Sale items is vast.

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